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Weiss Niklaus
Electronic Repairs
Pinball Repairs, Jukebox Repairs

I begin, where others give up!
Today I still repair the technique of yesterday (yestertech) too.
My person / Contact
How you can find me.
Computers and Software
leer I repair for you nearly all things with an electronic life inside!

I repair pinball games, jukeboxes, amplifiers, radios, tape recorders, audio mixing desks, power supplies and control equipment. I have good kowledge and experience especially of equipment fitted with vacuum tubes (valves) and can get most tubes. Indeed I have knowledge and experience with equipment fitted with semiconductors (solid state) too. Unfortunately it is more difficult to get spare parts for old equipment.

I have repaired some equipment other people could not repair!

Please accept my apogolies, that I can only read and write English, but sarcely speak and listen to it!

Please do not send me any advertissements!

Telephone: 041 741 5778 (for calls from within Switzerland; international: +41 41 741 5778)


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