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Software for RISC OS
Warning: All Software on this page is suitable only for RISC OS! You use it at your own risk!
System requirements: at least RISC OS 3.1x (escepted «DeskDebug»: at least RISC OS 3.5x).
All applications are 26- and 32-bit compatible and tested on the «Iyonix».
They are available with German resources too! To the German versions
Commercial software
deskdebug DeskDebug Screenshot DeskDebug Features List The first multi-tasking capable debugger for RISC OS is available.
You can now buy it from Spellings software at the price of £ 50.--.
transcalc TransCalc Demo (2004/02/14) Demo version of the desktop calculator «TransCalc»
If you are interested in a full version, then please ask me!
photodesk Photodesk 3.10 (2010/10/14) A good version of Photodesk ist available.
Not me develop this image procesing application,
but I am improving it, as the actual distributer asked me to do this.
Free software
cardgames CardGames (2008/08/02) The two card games «Patience» and «Three Towers» in one application.
hanoi Hanoi (2003/04/14) The well known problem with the «Towers of Hanoi»
kniffel Kniffel (2003/09/22) My Version of the dice game «Kniffel»
labyrinth Labyrinth (2003/03/23) This program makes and solves mazes.
mastermind MasteMind (2003/04/02) My version of the well known guess games «Master Mind»
memory Memory (2003/03/24) Play with your memory skill.
minen Minen (2003/04/09) My version of the well known mine hunt game
reaktion Reaktion (2003/12/06) Please test your reaction skill!
romzahlen Romzahlen (2008/04/26) This program translates Roman numbers into Arabic numbers and vice versa.
testbild Testbild (2005/01/13) This program generates test pictures for monitors.
Now with more test patterns!
tetris Tetris (2003/03/24) My version of the well known arcade game «Tetris»
textzeig Textzeig (2004/01/03) This program finds and shows text files in directories.
tictactoe TicTacToe (2003/03/23) My version of the skill game «Tic Tac Toe»
vexieren Vexieren (2003/03/23) This program generates hypnotic patterns.
wipeout WipeOut (2003/03/23) In this dice game it is your aim to remove all numbers.
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Call out to all people in Switzerland, who work with RISC OS
or are interested on it or worked with it in the past!
Please get in contact with me!
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